ExecuJet London / Zurich

Corporate architecture project

and office conversion

(1st prize competition)


Ramseier & Associates Ltd. has developed a corporate architecture concept for ExecuJet which harmonises exactly with the company’s corporate identity concept, providing customers with effective corporate recognition characteristics throughout the world. ExecuJet is the leading provider of business aviation services. Its instruc-

tions were to create an interior design concept which can be implemented globally and which combines classical and timeless elements. The concept comprises three thematic units: the flight passenger lounge, the pilots’ lounge and office space. In Zurich, Ramseier & Associates Ltd. created an environment consisting of 400 m² of office space with individual offices, a meeting room and an open space. The 200 m² of office space in London provide an expression of the corporate architecture concept devised by Ramseier & Associates Ltd., with the wall colouring, flooring materials, lighting and furnishings all being inspired by it.